Tips and FAQs for your Gondola Ride

Here are some quick tips to help you easily navigate your trip:

  • Before planning to take a gondola ride, do a quick weather check for the day to ensure you don’t get caught in the rain. Venice experiences moderate to high rain through the year
  • Carry an umbrella if you plan to take a gondola ride in the summer to protect you from the blazing sun
  • You can buy a ticket online to avoid the hassle of haggling or having to wait in line
  • Unless you pay to be serenaded by a melody, avoid requesting the gondolier to sing for you,. They consider it offensive!
  • Try and catch the sunset while on a gondola. It’s a mesmerising experience!
  • If you want to stray off the beaten path, walk to ports that do not have stands for water taxis. They are calmer and have small crowds
  • Engage in a conversation with your gondolier. They are often the best sources of information if you’re looking for rare gems in the city
  • If you’re not a party of six, look for other tourists looking to enjoy a gondola ride. It will help you split the cost and avoid burning a hole through your pocket
  • Don’t forget to take a photo with your gondolier and thank him
  • A few gondolas are wheelchair accessible. You can opt for an organized tour, or find a helpful local to direct you towards them


Q1. How much in advance should I arrive for my gondola ride?

A1. It is recommended that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your ride at the designated meeting point. 

Q2. Are gondolas wheelchair accessible?

A2. Not all gondolas are wheelchair accessible. A few specifically offer rides for those in a wheelchair. You should pre-book these organized tours online since manually finding one in Venice will be a challenge.

Q3. What are gondola rides ticket prices for kids?

A3. Children below 2 can ride for free in a gondola. All individuals above the age of 2 pay full price for a ride.

Q4. Are pre-booked tickets for a gondola ride refundable?

A4. We offer a full refund if you reschedule or cancel your tickets 24 hours in advance.

Q5. What is the difference between a traghetto and a gondola?

A5. The traghetto is wider than a regular gondola, has two gondoliers and can carry up to 14 people. Moreover, it costs €2 to €4 to cross the Grand Canal.

Q6. What is the best time to take a gondola ride in Venice?

A6. Sunset is the best time to ride in a gondola, but is the most expensive as well. You can take one early mornings or late afternoons to avoid paying a premium. 

Q7. Do gondolas run during rainy season?

A7. Yes. Since gondolas are the primary means of transport in Venice, they run during the rainy season as well. However, you can avoid the Grand Canal during the rain since it gets overcrowded and gondolas line up in a traffic jam. You can take a ride through the more silent and still side canals. Make sure to carry an umbrella!

Q8. Where can I book my gondola ride?

A8. You can book tickets for gondola rides online through organized tours, or buy a ticket on the spot. It is advisable to book a ride online to avoid haggling or having to wait in lines.

Q9. What currency can I book tickets for a gondola ride?

A9. If you book a ride online, you can pay in the currency of your country. However, if you’re buying a ticket on the spot, you will have to pay in Euro. Gondoliers do not take any other form of payment except cash.

Q10. Can you eat or drink during a gondola ride?

A10. Gondoliers do not approve of visitors eating or drinking in their gondolas. It is best to eat a snack at the ports before/after boarding the gondola.

Q11. How long is a gondola ride?

A11. A single trip takes between 30 to 40 minutes. Make sure to discuss the terms of your ride with the gondolier in advance.

Q12. How much does a gondola ride cost?

A12. The base price for a 40-minute journey costs about €80 until 07:00 PM everyday. Beyond 40 minutes, a flat rate of €40 is charged every 20 minutes. Post 07:00 PM, prices surge to €100, with an additional €50 charged per additional 20 minutes.

Q13. Will my gondolier sing?

A13. Not all gondoliers sing. You can make special bookings for a musician to serenade you while on a gondola, which will cost extra. 

Q14. Should I tip my gondolier?

A14. While tipping is not required, a 5% tip is appreciated if your gondolier is helpful and informative about local attractions and monuments. 

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