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There are a hundred ways to declare your love while you are in Venice... and taking a private gondola ride is one of them. Forget the world and cozy up to your beloved, whispering sweet nothings in their ear... and don't worry, the gondolier isn't listening! With the allure of Venice's canals as your backdrop, this is an invitation to create moments that your significant other will cherish forever.

Here's a fun fact: gondolas of years past had a special covering called a 'felze' which shielded lovers from prying eyes. Eventually, this was outlawed, and we can guess why!

Why choose a private gondola ride in Venice?

Priority entry

Priority entry

Skip the queues with a pre-booked private ride, ensuring you embark on your romantic journey with ease and at your preferred time. Unlike a shared ride, where the experience may begin only once the gondola has been filled, this experience begins the moment you step aboard.

Customised seating & privacy
Discover Venice's stories

Discover Venice's stories

Choose live commentary or a digital guide (available in Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, and Hindi) to learn about Venice's iconic landmarks. Dive deep into the city's rich history and architectural marvels as you glide past magnificent buildings and bridges.
Note: Both live commentary and the digital app are optional inclusions that can be availed with a ticket upgrade.

Personalized attention

Personalized attention

Your gondolier will be able to answer your questions and share their knowledge of Venice's history and culture. You can also request them to extend your ride, or even adjust the route, although this depends on the gondolier's availability and convenience. Of course, you will have to pay extra for overtime.

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Is a private ride ideal for me?



You can enjoy the canals and the city's atmosphere with just your special someone or chosen companions, creating a more exclusive and private experience.

Private gondola rides are significantly more expensive than shared gondola rides.

You might also be able to negotiate the route and duration of your ride since you don't have to worry about others' requirements.

Unlike a shared gondola, a private ride might not be as authentic or full of local flavor. The gondolier might not engage as much, respecting the privacy you need.

Tips to enhance your private ride experience

  • If you are wondering why the experience is slightly on the pricier side, remember that you are paying for the gondola and not per person. The only way to cut costs is to opt for a shared experience.
  • Consider the timing of your ride for the best experience. Early morning rides offer serene, uncrowded canals, while evening or sunset rides provide a romantic atmosphere with stunning lighting.
  • Whether it's the need for a quiet ride or a desire to learn more about Venetian culture from your gondolier, communicating your preferences can tailor the experience to your liking.
  • While not mandatory, tipping your gondolier for exceptional service is a kind gesture. This is typically at your discretion but can be around €5-10 per person.
  • Gondola rides are no doubt magical, and some guests would like to prolong these moments with an extended ride. As extended rides are charged at an additional €40 for every 20 minutes, keep the cash handy.

Navigating the serene canals: What to expect on a private gondola ride

Embarking on a private gondola ride through Venice is not just about moving from point A to point B; it's an immersive journey through the heart of the city, allowing you to experience its soul. As you glide along the serene canals, the gondola gently rocks to the rhythm of the water, creating a soothing ambiance that's both tranquil and romantic.

Sights to behold
Sounds to enrapture

Sounds to enrapture

Venice's canal sounds are uniquely captivating, blending the gentle splash of water, the distant murmur of locals and visitors, and the occasional serenade by a gondolier into a tranquil auditory experience. This serene soundscape underscores the peacefulness of floating through the city's waterways, making every moment on the gondola an auditory delight to be savored.

Sensations to cherish

Sensations to cherish

Gliding through Venice's canals offers an unmatched sensation, connecting you to the city's aquatic essence with each oar stroke. This journey showcases why Venice has enchanted its visitors for centuries. The cool breeze and the gondola's gentle sway provide a serene escape, enveloping you in the city's unique charm and tranquility amidst life's hustle.

The romantic essence of Venice: Exclusive gondola experiences

Picture this: you and your loved one are gliding silently through the ancient canals of Venice, bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. The world seems to pause as your gondola slips beneath stone bridges and alongside buildings that have stood witness to centuries of history. This moment is yours alone, away from the crowds, in a serene bubble of intimacy that the city generously offers.

This exclusive gondola experience is not just about the sights. As the sun sets, the play of light on the water and the buildings creates a golden tableau, enhancing the romantic atmosphere. You can request your gondolier to stop in front of a particularly scenic spot for a moment of reflection or a kiss.

Ultimately, a private gondola ride in Venice stands as a tribute to love, privacy and Venice's timeless charm.

Frequently asked questions about Venice gondola private rides

How much does a private gondola ride cost?

A 30-minute private ride starts from €135, These prices can go up if you decide to take an after-hours gondola, or if you wish to extend your ride. The extra cost is €40 for every additional 20 minutes.

How far in advance should I book my private gondola ride?

While planning your visit, we recommend booking your private gondola ride at least a week in advance to secure your preferred date and time. During peak tourist seasons, even earlier booking is advisable to ensure availability.

How long does a Venice gondola private ride last?

Generally, a private gondola ride in Venice lasts around 30 minutes, depending on the route and package you choose. It's sufficient time to soak in the stunning views with your special someone and capture frame-worthy photos. However, you can always ask to extend the duration of your ride, but you will be charged an additional cost of €40 for every additional 20 minutes.

Do you offer multilingual gondolier services?

Our gondola tours can be enhanced with live commentary from knowledgeable gondoliers fluent in multiple languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, and French. Availability may vary, so please request this service when booking.

What Venice attractions can I see during my private gondola ride?

During your gondola ride, you'll float down the quaint canals of Venice, passing by breathtaking monuments and buildings, stunning bridges, and bustling piazzas. You'll also get a unique perspective of famous landmarks like the Teatro la Fenice and the Rialto Bridge, Venice's great bridge that spans the Grand Canal.

Can I customize my gondola route to include specific landmarks?

While gondola routes are typically pre-determined to showcase the most scenic and historically significant parts of Venice, some gondoliers do accommodate requests for specific landmarks when possible. Please discuss your preferences with them in advance, and they might tailor your journey accordingly. Moreover, decisions on which route to take are also influenced by factors like weather conditions and canal traffic.

What is the difference between a shared and private gondola ride?

In a shared ride, seating is random unless you opt for group seating. Typically, a shared gondola accommodates up to 6 passengers (including the gondolier), offering a different social experience. However, in a private ride, you can book out the entire gondola for yourself and your loved ones, even if it means the gondola hasn't reached maximum capacity. This offers a cozy and intimate experience.

What are the advantages of a private gondola ride?

Privacy, intimacy, and personalized attention from the gondolier are some of the advantages of booking a private gondola ride.

Are there any night-time gondola rides available?

Yes, evening gondola rides are available and highly recommended for their enchanting atmosphere. If you're taking a sunset or night ride, the city lights illuminate the canals and historic buildings, making it the ideal way to enjoy Venice's charm and magic. However, night rides do cost about €20 more. Please book in advance as these slots are particularly popular.

What should I wear for a gondola ride?

Venice's weather can be quite variable, so we recommend dressing comfortably yet elegantly, suitable for the season. During cooler months, a light jacket is advisable as it can be breezy on the canals. For evening rides, consider a more formal attire to match the romantic setting.

Are gondola rides safe for children?

Absolutely! Gondola rides are a safe and memorable experience for guests of all ages. Life jackets are available upon request in some gondolas (although provision of life jackets isn't the norm), and the experienced gondoliers ensure a smooth and secure journey through Venice's canals.

How can I capture the best photos during my gondola ride?

Morning and late afternoon rides offer the best natural lighting for photography, with softer hues and longer shadows that beautifully highlight Venice's architecture. We recommend having your camera ready for unexpected views and don't hesitate to ask your gondolier to pause briefly at picturesque spots.

Is it possible to arrange a surprise gondola ride for a special occasion?

Arranging a surprise gondola ride for a special occasion is a wonderful idea and absolutely possible. By choosing a private gondola ride, you can tailor the journey to your special moment, whether it's a proposal, anniversary, birthday, or just a romantic gesture. Here's how to make it happen:
- Prebook your tickets so you can guarantee the perfect timing for your ride.
- Opting for a private ride ensures that the gondola is exclusively yours, making the surprise even more personal and intimate.
- Arrive at the station 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure that you don’t miss the ride.
- Meet the gondolier, climb on board, and set sail on the most romantic ride of your life.

What happens if it rains on the day of my booked gondola ride?

In case of light rain, gondola rides typically proceed with the provision of umbrellas. However, for heavy rain or unsafe weather conditions, the ride will be canceled.

Should I tip the gondolier after a private ride?

Tipping the gondolier is not mandatory but appreciated for exceptional service. A gratuity of €5-10 per person is suggested for a memorable experience.