Gondola Rides Venice

Book night gondola rides in Venice

Book night gondola rides in Venice

What's better than taking a gondola ride by day? Taking one by night, of course. The sun has just bid goodbye. You're sitting hand in hand with your beloved, the city lights illuminating the canal waters... nothing quite paints the picture of romance like a night gondola ride. Here's all you need to know about cruising under a canopy of stars.

Why take a Venice gondola ride at night?

night gondola rides in Venice
  • Unique cultural immersion: Night gondola rides offer a chance to experience Venice from a different perspective, allowing tourists to appreciate the city's beauty and history in a peaceful and personal way.
  • Enchanting atmosphere: The combination of soft lighting, gentle water lapping against the gondola, and the melodic music (especially if you've chosen a serenade ride) creates a truly enchanting atmosphere, transporting tourists to a bygone era of Venetian grandeur.
  • Romantic experience: The combination of gliding through the moonlit canals, serenaded by traditional Italian love songs, creates a magical and intimate atmosphere, perfect for couples seeking a romantic ride.
  • Sense of exclusivity: While gondola rides are a popular tourist activity, choosing a night ride adds a unique and exclusive touch to the experience, as the canals are less crowded.
  • Photographic opportunities: The special setting, with illuminated landmarks and bridges reflected in the water, provides exceptional opportunities to capture stunning photographs of Venice at night. Pictures shot on night mode never looked better!

What to expect on your Venice gondola night ride

night gondola rides in Venice

As the last rays of light fade, you will find yourself nestled in the plush velvet seats of a gondola, its sleek black form contrasting against the darkening waters. The gondolier, a silhouette against the twilight, will expertly navigate the labyrinthine canals with a gentle flick of his oar.

The silence is broken only by the soft lap of water against the gondola. Buildings lining the canals transform into illuminated sculptures, their intricate details highlighted against the inky darkness. Around a bend, you might encounter another gondola, creating a fleeting moment of shared intimacy.

If you've chosen a serenade, be spirited away with the traditional Italian love songs, filled with passion and longing. Experience a sense of timeless elegance and romance that resonates through the ancient canals long after your night ride ends.

Know before you go on a night gondola ride in Venice

  • Most of the night rides i.e. post 6pm are available only starting June 2024, so please book accordingly.
  • Especially during peak season (summer and holidays), booking your ride well in advance is crucial to secure your preferred time slot and avoid disappointment. This is also because night rides are a popular choice among tourists.
  • While night rides offer a calmer and less-crowded experience, they are also costlier. Prices post 7pm are at a surcharge of €20 i.e. €100. If you wish to extend your ride, note that it is €40 for every additional 20 minutes.
  • Most tourists opt for private rides for the romantic allure of the night. This ensures you have the entire gondola to yourself.
  • If you're opting for a serenade ride, note that these are shared experiences which require you to sit with other passengers besides you and your family/partner/group.
  • Evenings in Venice can get cool, especially on the water. Carry a light sweater or shawl, especially during the winter months.

Frequently asked questions about Venice gondola rides at night

Are night gondola rides in Venice more expensive than daytime rides?

Rides post 7pm are charged at €20 more than the usual fee. This means that rides can cost €100 or more, depending on whether you have chosen tickets like private rides, rides with serenade, etc. Moreover, if you choose to extend your after-hours ride, the charge is an extra €40 for every additional 20 minutes.

Why should I book a night gondola ride?

Tourists usually book night gondola rides as the canals are less crowded after sundown. This offers a more serene experience. Night gondola rides are also alluring because of the sense of privacy and exclusivity the ambiance exudes. They are a favorite among couples looking to steal a quiet moment. Hugely popular among photography enthusiasts, the atmosphere is ideal to capture Venice in a different light (or lack, thereof).

How long do night gondola rides go on till?

Night rides start after 6pm and can even go up till 3am. If you're booking in advance, you have the flexibility of choosing your ride at a time convenient to you. If you book on-spot, you might have to wait for a gondolier to become free before you can go on your ride. Note that peak season (the summer months) are especially crowded, so it's better to book your ride in advance.

Do night gondola rides automatically come with a serenade?

Night gondola rides don't automatically come with a serenade ride. You can book an after-dark serenade ride to experience the music and magic of the night. Note that serenade rides are shared experiences, so if you're looking for a quiet moment, then booking a private ride might be better for you.

Can you help me decide whether a night ride is suited for me?

Certainly. Let's begin with the budget. If you're looking to cash in on the experience without spending much, then a daytime ride is better as the fare is a standard €80 per gondola. This means you can split the cost if you're traveling in a group. Night rides are typically €100 for a gondola. If you're looking for a unique ambiance which involves embracing the romance and mystery of the dark, then go for a night ride. Otherwise, an early morning or sunset ride is just as beautiful. You can also opt for this ride if you're planning to celebrate a special occasion like a proposal or honeymoon. Night rides are incredibly romantic and many people don't mind shelling the extra few bucks for a memorable moment.

A night ride is out of my budget. Are there other options I can choose from?

Absolutely. While the charm of the night is undeniable, there are plenty of ways to ride a gondola for an experience that's just as magical. You can consider booking the next best thing, a sunset ride. Seeing Venice bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun is an experience in itself. To beat the crowds, consider an early morning gondola tour or a late afternoon one when the canals are less crowded.

What can I see during a night gondola ride in Venice?

During your night gondola ride, you'll experience the magical ambiance of Venice illuminated by streetlights and reflected in the shimmering waters of the canals. You'll pass under iconic bridges like the Rialto Bridge and along historic buildings like the Doge's Palace, St. Marks Basilica and more.

Are night gondola rides safe?

Yes, you are in safe hands as gondoliers are trained professionals who can navigate the canals with practised ease. However, be sure to negotiate the terms and conditions of your ride before boarding to avoid conflict later. Also avoid bringing on board valuables and other such items.