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You've finally made it to Venice, city of water, magic and romance. You're looking forward to that one defining moment of the Venetian experience: taking a gondola ride. However, taking a gondola can be pricey, but don't let that stop you from enjoying your much-awaited experience. There's plenty of ways to enjoy a ride on the cheap and we've got you covered with this guide.

How to book a cheap gondola ride in Venice

Opt or a shared ride
Book a combo tour

Book a combo tour

It's likely you're here to see more of Venice than just take a gondola ride. Book a combo tour to popular Venetian attractions like walking tour. Combos that include a gondola ride and insights into to these attractions can help you get the best of both worlds without breaking the bank. It also saves you the cost of individual entry tickets to each of these landmarks.

Book your ride before 7 PM

Book your ride before 7 PM

The standard charge for a gondola ride from about 9 AM to 7 PM is €80 per gondola. But this fee hikes up to €100 after 7 PM, which is steep considering gondola rides are already pricey to begin with. For a cheaper Venice gondola ride, hence, it's best to go before 7 PM.

Budget alternatives to the gondola experience

For the ultimate budget ride, consider taking a traghetto, which is a public gondola ferry in Venice or the vaporetto, the public water bus.

Venetian traghetto

The traghetto

A Venetian traghetto is essentially a public gondola ferry. It's a large gondola, typically operated by two gondoliers, that crosses the Grand Canal at specific designated points where there are no bridges. Each traghetto can hold up to ten passengers.

Traghetto cost

Traghetto cost

For a mere €2 per person, you can enjoy a short but scenic ride across the Grand Canal. If you're a resident, lucky you! Traghetto rides cost just €0.7 for locals.

Traghetto routes

Traghetto routes

There are seven traghetto lines operating across the Grand Canal:

  • Fondamente S. Lucia (before the railroad station) – Fondamenta San Simeón Piccolo
  • San Marcuola – Fóndaco dei Turchi (by the Natural History Museum)
  • Santa Sofia (close to Ca’ D’Oro) – Pescaria (fish market)
  • Riva del Carbòn – Fondamente del Vin
  • Sant’ Angelo – San Tomà
  • San Samuele – Ca’ Rezzónico
  • Campo del Traghetto – Calle Lanza (near the Salute Church)
traghetto ride experience

The experience

A traghetto ride will ensure you rub shoulders with the locals (sometimes even literally; passengers on the traghetto usually stand). However, the ride will end in less than 5 minutes, so it won't give you the full traditional gondola experience. You might also not see all the top landmarks and highlights that a 30-minute gondola ride assures.


The vaporetto

The vaporetto is Venice's public water bus system. It's a network of boats that function as the primary mode of public transportation throughout the city's canals and lagoon. It offers a reliable and affordable way to travel between different points in Venice, including major landmarks, islands, and residential areas.

Vaporetto cost

Vaporetto cost

The price typically ranges from €7.50 to €9.50 depending on the route and validity period. You can also book a package on the basis of days:

  • 1 day = 20 euros
  • 2 days = 30 euros
  • 3 days = 40 euros
  • Weekly pass = 60 euros
Vaporetto routes

The experience

Traveling by vaporetto allows you to experience Venice like a local. You'll see Venetians commuting to work, students heading to school, and tourists exploring the city, providing insight into everyday life in Venice. Depending on the time of day and route, vaporetto rides can be both peaceful — during lean season and chaotic — during peak season.

Frequently asked questions about cheap gondola rides in Venice

Is it possible to go on a budget gondola ride in Venice?

Indeed it is! You can experience the charm of a gondola ride without worrying too much about the finances if you opt for a shared ride or a traghetto, which is a public transport gondola.

How can I take a budget gondola ride?

You can book a shared gondola ride or take a traghetto to enjoy a budget ride. Taking a gondola before 7 PM also helps you save on the after-hours cost.

How much does a budget gondola ride cost?

A 30-minute budget ride starts from €30 per head. These prices can go up if you take a gondola post 7 PM, or if you wish to extend your ride. The extra cost is €40 for every additional 20 minutes.

How long does a budget gondola ride in Venice last?

Generally, a gondola ride in Venice lasts around 30 minutes. This gives you good time to appreciate the architecture and landmarks of the city, and take photos of the same.

Can I save money by booking my gondola ride in advance?

Booking your gondola ride in advance is always recommended. This secures you from potential on-spot price surges during peak season and also ensures your spot. You can also skip the long queues and board the gondola as soon as you arrive at the appointed time.

What is the difference between a traghetto and a shared gondola?

A traghetto is a public ferry gondola that is wider than a traditional gondola and can accommodate up to 10 passengers. It is also much cheaper to take a traghetto, which is priced at just €2 for tourists and €0.7 for locals. The traghetto ride only lasts for under 5 minutes. A shared gondola is a traditional gondola where seating is usually random, you get the full 30-minute experience and spot top landmarks as you cruise down the Grand Canal (or smaller canals, if you wish).

What Venice attractions can I see during my budget gondola ride?

While enjoying your gondola excursion, you'll gently drift along the charming waterways of Venice, taking in magnificent monuments, architectural marvels, and lively squares. Moreover, you'll gain a distinctive view of renowned attractions such as the Teatro la Fenice and the Rialto Bridge, the iconic span that traverses the Grand Canal of Venice.

Can I request a specific route for my budget gondola ride?

Although you can express your preferences to the gondolier, the precise route of your journey is typically predetermined by the gondolier. Furthermore, considerations such as weather conditions and canal traffic also play a role in deciding the chosen route.

Are budget rides available in the evening?

For a budget ride, it's best to go before 7 PM as there's a surcharge after hours. It costs €100 per gondola if you are opting to go on the tour between 7 PM to 8 AM.

Does my Venice gondola budget ride come with a serenade?

Budget rides don't include serenades. However, if you're feeling lavish, you can book a gondola ride with serenade at an additional cost.

What are the advantages of a budget gondola ride?

Savings, without compromising on an authentic experience, is one of the biggest benefits of a budget gondola ride.

Should I tip the gondolier after a budget ride?

Tipping is not compulsory, but is welcome if the service was good. You can tip €5-10 depending on your satisfaction.