Venice Gondola Rides

Top 5 Must-see Attractions on your Gondola Ride

This 1200-year-old city is home to some unique attractions. As a city of immense historical significance and home to the Italian Renaissance, try not to skip these during your gondola ride.


St Mark’s Basilica

This church has stood the test of time since its construction in 832 AD. Its ornate design, stunning artwork and overall charm is the perfect representation of architecture from the Italian Byzantine era. This basilica is not just a symbol of religious significance in Europe, but also one that connects the Church to the modern world.


Doge’s Palace and Bridge of Sighs

Formerly the residence and political seat of Venice’s Doge (government head), this palace is a gothic architectural marvel. Enchanting in its truest sense, the palace is now home to carefully-preserved art, sculptures and Italian culture. Connecting the palace to its former prison is the Bridge of Sighs, another must-see monument in Venice. Legend has it that as prisoners were being taken for execution, they would catch a final glimpse of Venice from atop the bridge and let out a sigh at its beauty.


Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge

Lined on either side by ancient buildings, the Grand Canal is the largest waterway that connects different parts of the city. Approximately 3.86km long, it is connected indirectly to the Adriatic sea. It is uniquely-shaped like a reverse ‘S’ and divides the city into two. As the most important pier, most gondolas and water taxis are parked at the Grand Canal. The Rialto bridge is over 400 years old and connects San marco and San Polo districts in Venice. The view from the bridge offers an excellent perspective of life in Venice.


St Mark’s Square

St Mark’s Square is dubbed as the ‘heart’ of Venice. Located right on the Grand Canal, it connects travelers to important attractions in the city and is dotted with instagram-worthy restaurants and bars. You can also visit the small market area and pick up some souvenirs like local cheese, shot glasses or even a carnival mask. A fun activity here is to feed the pigeons.


Campanile di San Marco

One of the best views of Venice is from the top of the Campanile di San Marco. This towering structure looks simple from afar but in reality is anything but. The red-brick design is decorated with elaborate stonework; keep a look out for the statue of Gabriel. You can go right to the top with the elevator by paying just €8and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. For more information about the best time and season to visit, go here.

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